Get to know who you're working with.  

You know how Charlie felt when he won the golden ticket, like an electric bolt just flowed through his body? That's the feeling I get working with startups and fast-growing brands. Their fiery passion is infectious. 

And throughout my career, from eCommerce to Fintech, I've had the pleasure of working with quite a variety of them. It's been an exciting rollercoaster of a ride, filled with many ups and downs (startup life, am I right?) but the payoff is totally worth it. Maybe it's my altruistic nature, but I feed off the high of knowing the work I do helps propel a company forward. It's incredibly rewarding. 

In my spare time I love traveling. My favourite moments thus far are learning to surf in Bali, sipping wine in Montmartre during the autumn Beaujolais fest, and trekking across the Andes mountains in Peru. At home you can find me hiking the local mountains, listening to podcasts (Waking Up and This American Life are a few favourites) or reading a new book, and endulging in Vanouver's diverse and mouthwatering cuisine. 

I enjoy working with Alicia because she always strives for clarity. From project-related communications to content development, finding the right words, tone and flow are always at the forefront. She works hard at uncovering good engagement opportunities, is keen on reflecting on previous campaigns and enjoys building on previous successes.
— Francis Pilon, Co-Founder & CEO, The Jibe