A sampling of companies I've helped with content and social media strategies, content writing, and digital marketing 


Luna nectar 

Luna Nectar a cruelty-free, vegan, and organic skin company offering a natural lash and brow enhancing serum. The innovative beauty brand came to me needing a strategic digital marketing plan and eCommerce consulting. Through a combined effort of data, analytics, content marketing, and eCommerce CRO, the on and offline skin care company is already seeing a boost in conversion, website traffic, and blog readership. 

Noodlewave Media / on-going work

At Noodlewave Media, I am a contract Email marketing, Social Media and Content strategist. I take ownership of implementing social media marketing strategies to elevate brand equity for our clients as well as execute on those strategies. Twice a month I send social coaching emails that empower clients to create unique on-brand content, implement conversion strategies as well as coach them on the latest social media features and how use them to their advantage. I'm also the Content Strategist and implement data backed, researched topics for various clients as well as ensure all blog posts are SEO optimized. I also am the head of email marketing strategies for 10+ clients. 


Strutta (3 Month Contract)

I was hired by Strutta to update an old and stagnant blog and social media presence. The main goals were to identify blog content that was resonating with their audience, improve traffic to the blog and website, generate leads, and increase brand awareness. For the three month contract I put together a content and social media strategy, wrote four seo optimized blog articles a month (for three months), coached the team on lead capturing and implemented Sumo.Me for the purpose of gaining email addresses. 

Blog Posts:

The jibe / april 2016 - February 2017 / Marketing strategist 

I was the Marketing Strategist at the Jibe, a data-driven eCommerce development agency. In my role I was responsible for all content marketing strategies and implementing those strategies. During my time at The Jibe I created and executed on a content strategy (focused mainly on the blog), sourced and managed top-notch blog writers, performed weekly SEO maintenance across the website, wrote 3 eBooks, set up campaigns in Hubspot, and wrote all landing page, email, and marketing material.   

Landing Page Copy and eBook:

Press Release + CTA Design and Copy:

Case Study:

alice and hare 

alice & hare was a whimsical candle company I owned and operated that created teacup candles and uniquely scented soy wax candles. As this was a one person operation, I was in charge of all digital marketing initatives, photography, trade show aesthetics and actually making the candles myself by hand. I was a regular vendor at the Portobello West, Fall for Local and East Side Flea markets. 

payfirma / March 2015 - November 2015 / Inbound marketing manager

As the Inbound Marketing Manager at Payfirma, a fast-growing Vancouver based Fintech software company, my main focus and responsibility was to grow organic blog traffic and convert that traffic in to leads through various email opt-in strategies. I also managed a pipeline of guest authors, hired and trained a dedicated in-house content writer, worked with the Marketing Automation Manager to create email marketing drip campaigns, worked directly with important customer accounts to plan and write case studies, and wrote copy for PPC campaigns and tradeshows. I was also responsible for all social media initiatives and coached the sales team on social listening and social selling. 

Blog posts: 

Case Studies: 

Landing Page Copy:

Boondoggle goods co. 

Boondoggle Goods Co. is an online retailer in which I am a co-founder! We sell high quality van socks for #vanlife folk. We've been around for over a year and are slowing expanding our sock designs. I do everything from graphic design, keyword research, topic research, content strategy, social media strategy, seo research and pretty much every other digital marketing task you can think of! 

Content Writing 

A few pieces of various content pieces I've written over the years including B2C and B2B content writing.