Areas I specialize in: Content Marketing , Copywriting, Email Marketing, eCommerce

Combining left brain analytical thinking with right brain creativity, I can help you find the right words to say, for the right audience, at the right time. While that's not an easy thing to do, using Sun Tzu-like strategy, I can make it happen. I've made it happen for fast-growing software companies and determined online retailers, and I can make it happen for you too–so let's get started! Below you'll find standard packages that can also be personalized depending on your needs. 


Monthly Blog Writing Package 

4 500-800 SEO optimized posts a month / $600

Blog writing is the best way to update your website with fresh content. Hello SEO juice! First, I work with you to determine the best topics for your audience. Then I research the topics to ensure they'll contain original content guaranteed to bring in new traffic to your site and delight your current audience. I also ensure SEO best practices are put in place.

A few companies I've helped with blog writing are Luna Nectar, Strutta, and CityLux–could you be next?



web copy / landing page copy

$50 CAD / HR

Copywriting isn't about using fancy jargon that nodody cares about, or worse, understands.The best copy comes straight from the mouths of your customers (with a little strategic massaging from a pro: me!). I've worked with fintech companies to beauty brands to ensure their copy cuts through the crap, sounds human, and gets straight to what really matters: selling the product!

I can also help you set up an Unbounce or MailChimp account for landing pages (if you don't already have one), and help customize the landing page design. 




email marketing

3 Emails Per Month / $500

For 3 emails per month I can set up an abandoned cart campaign, a newsletter, a product announcement, or whatever you like. Email marketing takes skill, strategy, and experience to make sure open rates and click-through rates stay high and increase conversion. I've got the experience you need to make that happen.

I work with MailChimp and can help set up an account for you (if you don't already have one). MailChimp is extemely easy-to-use and I recommend it for all my clients. 


Custom Package

Need a mix of all of the above? Or a custom content strategy? Or to build your email list? Let's chat! Together we'll come up with a package designed specifically for your goals. 




Alicia is an exceptional content marketer with a knack for creating highly engaging content. I had the pleasure of working directly with her at LemonStand and her ability to quickly generate valuable content in various forms helped us grow traffic rapidly. If you’re looking for someone to take your content to the next level, hire Alicia.
— Siddharth Bharath, VP of Growth, Thinkific
Alicia has an incredibly strong work ethic and a can-do attitude which true entrepreneurs need to be successful. I hope I get the chance to work with her in the future.
— Kalle Radage, President, Payfirma

A Few Companies I've Worked With